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First time dehydrating

During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, and with all of the supply chain issues and “shortages” that have happened since, I decided that I don’t want to rely upon the supply chain to feed me any more. My parents and I have started gardening, and learning how to preserve food. One of myContinue reading “First time dehydrating”


Greens are in!

Hello everybody! After weeks of unseasonably cold and damp weather, I have finally had the chance to plant my greens! I chose a lettuce mix, spinach, and kale. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been buying flowers and planters, and any supplies I need to start a garden on my balcony. My parentsContinue reading “Greens are in!”

Canning Blueberries

About a week ago, I was scrolling through Facebook, and saw an ad from my local produce stand.  They had many great deals on lots of produce, including cases of blueberries.  I jumped on it, and scored 12 6oz packs of blueberries for $7! Now that I had scored the blueberries, I couldn’t decide exactlyContinue reading “Canning Blueberries”

Spending the day cooking, baking, and canning!

Yesterday was a great and productive day! Though it didn’t start out as such. Last week, my parents and I agreed that I would come over on Saturday and spend the day baking and cooking lots of things. I wanted to try canning too. So I started getting ready in the morning. I was justContinue reading “Spending the day cooking, baking, and canning!”

Little green tomatoes

A few days ago, I checked on my garden, and noticed that one of my tomato plants is finally growing some cherry tomatoes! I grew this plant from seed, and it seems to be developing slowly, but it is very healthy! As for the other plants, I think the peas have died. I have onlyContinue reading “Little green tomatoes”

Yummy Taco Salad with Delicious Catalina Dressing

It’s finally finished, my first YouTube video! I recorded this over a month ago, and never had time to edit it. In this video, I make a taco salad with a delicious catalina dressing. Now, I should mention that I didn’t come up with this recipe, I got it from an app called Mealime andContinue reading “Yummy Taco Salad with Delicious Catalina Dressing”

Garden Update, June 23rd 2020

The strawberry plant is slowly growing and producing more strawberries. I got 5 berries from it yesterday, and they were delicious! But it’s not producing many berries all at once, so I will have to freeze some of them so I can collect enough to make ice cream and other recipes. The peas have producedContinue reading “Garden Update, June 23rd 2020”

Let the canning begin!

When all of this crap that’s been happening this year started a few months ago, I discovered that I really need to work on some survival skills. That includes growing and preserving my own food, just in case the economy collapses from the effects of COVID-19, and the grocery stores in town go out ofContinue reading “Let the canning begin!”