Starting a garden from seedlings

This year, I’ve decided to plant a vegetable garden for the first time in many years. It will be small this year, but if I am successful, I will have a crop full of cherry tomatoes, carrots, and peas. I also decided to try starting my garden with seeds, rather than buying plants (except for the strawberry plant you see in the 2nd picture).

Starting the seedlings has proved to be very easy, because all of them came up. But I was advised to put more than one seed in some of the cups, so now I have at least two seedlings in each cup (except for the peas).

I am using a planter this year, instead of putting a garden bed on the ground, so I had to make sure the plants that I chose all had similar requirements for sunlight, etc.

To do this, I bought some organic seeds, organic seed-starting mix, and biodegradable seedling cups from I filled the cups with the seed-starter, inserted the seeds as directed on their packaging, and watered them. I give them water almost daily, because it’s very important to keep the soil moist. I also give them just a little bit of organic plant food occasionally. And I’m using an old desk lamp to give them light, because I don’t have a place for them in front of a window. Some people say I should use a “grow lamp” to get healthy plants, and some people have said I don’t need a light at all, but my seedlings seem to be doing just fine with the ordinary lamp. I’m also giving them fresh air by opening a nearby window or door when weather permits.

I was very excited to see each one sprout! I can’t wait until their ready to be planted in the planter I have outside!

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