Hello World!

Hello everybody!

I’m Veronica! I am in my 30s, and I am from northern Illinois, but I currently live in southeast Missouri. I have a 9-month old Labrador mix named Sherlock, and I love science fiction (particularly Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars). I majored in Film and Video Production years ago, but now I am going back to school online for Accounting.

Recent events (the outbreak of COVID-19 aka “Coronavirus”, and the resulting economic troubles) in my country and all over the world have made me realize that I need to learn some new skills, especially survival skills. I got the idea for this blog while watching Julie & Julia during the lockdown. It seems like a great way to do something creative while dealing with the stress of the current situation.

I am going to try to learn many new skills this year, and gain more experience with the skills I already have (like cooking and baking). I am going to (hopefully) write many posts about what I learn in gardening, fishing, sewing, and many more subjects as the year goes on. I’m also very interested in photography (especially pet, astro, and macro) and video, so I will be (hopefully) posting many photos and videos as well!

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